Why ?

Everybody has infinite potential. Unfortunately, though, most educational systems do not help people to discover their own passion and talents, let alone teach them the essential skills to succeed at work: how to build trust, how to communicate: with others, across cultures, up the hierarchy, down the hierarchy, during presentations. The list is endless!

What ?

Everybody has the potential to be an excellent communicator. Unlockyourpotential offers dynamic, fun and tailor-made trainings to leverage this potential with practical tools. It also supports organizations with L&D advice.

For Whom ?

For people working in international teams and across different cultures.

How ?

Unlockyourpotential works with who people are, not what their environment wants them to be. Practically this means that each learning events aims to:

  • Lower the barriers for learning and growth, regardless of what these barriers exist of.
  • Create a fun and safe environment for experimenting, trying and learning.
  • Adapt to whatever is present in the group: the existing expertise, experience and the energy.
  • Inspire people to take action after the training from a place of intrinsic motivation.

The result ?

Higher levels of trust, improved connection between people, more effective (interpersonal/intercultural) communication, increased levels of motivation and more pleasure at what people do!

Who is behind Unlockyourpotential

I – Lieke – became a trainer over 10 years ago for several reasons. A key one: whenever I was a participant in a training myself, I often felt that the trainer just worked through a standard package without recognizing my needs. I thought: that can be done differently!

As trainer, I always work from the perspective of the participants. What do THEY need? What barriers to learning might they bring into the training? How can I leverage their collective intelligence? Always spiced up with my own experiences. After all:

“An expert is a person who made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field” – Niels Bohr.

Global experience: from Afghanistan, Botswana, East Timor, and DPRK to South Sudan, CAR, the US, SEE, European countries, and many more.

Experience with a multitude of international organizations: NGOs, intergovernmental, and humanitarian.

Unlockyourpotential regularly partners up with other international experts in the training, management and communication field.

Sample of previous assignments

  • Managing People & Teams workshop for an international private organization in Geneva
  • Design & piloting of a Career Transition Curriculum for the UN Volunteers
  • Interim Learning & Development Advisor at an international humanitarian organization
  • Design and facilitation of a Team Communication training for a newly merged HR department at international NGO
  • Development of the methodology for- and facilitation of an international strategic workshop for the GDs and HR Directors of MSF
  • Development of the methodology for- and facilitation of a strategic workshop for the Logistics department of an international humanitarian organization

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