Skills Training

Professional Skills Training​

Experience a training that matches the real learning needs of the participants.
A training that fully integrates the Adult Learning Principles and is adapted to the existing experience and expertise of the group.
A training that lowers the barriers to learning, and which provides a fun environment to experiment, learn and get motivated.
A training that inspires participants to take action after the training.

Curriculum design

Get support to develop your own curriculum: develop the right learning objectives, define the best approach to learning, design training content that integrates the Adult Learning Cycle and -Principles, and propose a range of learning methodologies that will make the training dynamic and interactive.

People Management

As a manager you are dealing with many responsibilities: developing the potential of the people you manage, while at the same time working effectively towards a common objective. This training offers you many practical strategies and tools to facilitate your day-to-day job.

Team Communication

This training focuses on getting a deeper awareness of how we communicate with others, how we can build trust, how we can give and receive feedback, and how to improve our listening skills. Being aware of your own communication and of those around us can have an enormous impact on team relations and effectiveness.

Intercultural Communication

If you are working in international teams or in different countries, it is a key skill to understand how people communicate and act in relation to your cultural reference. In this training you will become aware of both your own cultural reference and that of others, and will learn techniques to address and bridge these differences.

Training design & facilitation​

This training gives you more insight into how adults learn, and how to integrate the adult learning cycle and -principles into the design of your trainings. Next to training design, the training can also focus on how to facilitate a training: dealing with group dynamics, keeping the attention, creating a safe space for learning, and much more.

Presentation skills

Many people need to give presentations, but they don’t always manage to catch and keep the attention and interest of the audience. Speaking effectively and with impact has a lot to do with how you manage to connect to your audience. How can you do that? How to connect with them, develop your story and speak with confidence?

Change Management​

Many projects fail. Not because they were not well managed, but because there was no real change strategy in place. This training tackles why people resist change, how to overcome that resistance, and how to plan for the change process.

Project Management

A project stands or falls with a good needs assessment, a clearly defined goal, and a well-thought-out project plan in order to reach that goal. This training will guide you step-by-step through all the phases of the Project Management Cycle, from project initiation to project delivery. For NGOs this training can include the Logical Framework.

Career Management

We are more than ever in the driver’s seat of our own career planning, but unfortunately career planning not a skill that we learn at school. This training helps participants, by means of a Career Action Plan, to get in control of their own career: defining their unique profile, creating their career path, developing their CV and motivation letter and preparing for a successful interview

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