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Unlockyourpotential believes that each individual possesses a massive potential to grow and learn in the workplace. But in order for that to happen, both the organization and the individual need to lower the existing barriers to learning. Unlockyourpotential helps you to do this so that employees can develop and express their full potential, both during and beyond any learning event.

Training Design

Need support developing your training or workshop? Unlockyourpotential helps. From fine tuning your LNA and learning objective(s) to transforming the content into an interactive training program that integrates the adult learning principles.

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Skills Training

Need a training in the field of People Management, Project Management, Team Communication, Intercultural Communication, Presentation Skills, Training Design & Delivery, Change Management, or Career Management?

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L&D Advice

Research shows that opportunities for development have become the second most important factor in workplace happiness. Yet, in most organisations this reality is not yet integrated. How to do that?

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About Us

Unlockyourpotential offers professional skills training and L&D support to international teams active in the humanitarian and development sector.The name Unlockyourpotential comes from the fact that we often assume that everybody enjoys learning at any moment. However, the reality is that – in the complex environment in which most of us work nowadays – there are many factors that have an impact on our motivation and ability to learn. To mention just a few: stress at work, fear of being confronted with our own limitations, not being acknowledged for our experience and expertise, and so much more.
Unlockyourpotential uses techniques to remove these barriers to learning, and inspires participants to express- and further develop their potential way beyond the learning activity.

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Useful Resources

Get started with some useful free resources to develop your own trainings or workshop, and read about the latest developments in the L&D field

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Lieke is a dedicated and hardworking quality trainer who knows that a quality training is not only about the knowledge, but also about the way this knowledge is being transferred. I much appreciated her flexibility in doing everything that is needed to make the training a success.


Regional Director Southeast Asia, MDF

Her ability to connect with her students and her talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior.


UN Mission South Sudan

Lieke’s understanding and knowledge about learning and development not just in a training room but also in an organizational context is unique. She knows how to make organizations develop through the staff growing as the most important asset. 



I was impressed by her capacity to translate a complex context and needs into practical solutions and to continuously adapt whenever there were (un)foreseen changes. She is driven, solution-oriented, creative, and pragmatic.



Lieke is a quick-thinker and immediately grasped the intention and stakes of the workshop we asked her to facilitate. She proposed a methodology and showed the flexibility to adapt it to the evolution of the workshop. She brought a very good dynamic, catching and maintaining the interest of participants and showing great mediation skills. Her analytic and synthesis capacities helped greatly in capturing the interventions of the participants and put them as constructive inputs to the workshop.



I was right away impressed with her teaching skills and methods. She managed to pass on complicated subjects in a clear, understandable and pedagogical manner. She is professional, a fantastic communicator, has a mountain of knowledge and constantly pulls out examples, while simultaneously involving the participants



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